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Contests and Events

Through 4-H, youth are provided opportunities to develop their unique talents and capabilities. The basis of 4-H is "Learning by Doing." 4-H provides opportunities for both training (learning) and practice (doing). Through this process, young people develop life skills that are relevant now and in the future. Youth who develop life skills become self-directed, productive, contributing citizens.

A variety of 4-H competitions and events enable 4-H members to practice and perfect the life skills they learn through their projects. Click on the list to the right for more specific information.

Officer Training is a workshop designed to give 4-H members the skills they need to perform the office that they hold. This workshop is open to all 4-H members age 9 - 18 who hold an officer position or hope to hold an officer position in the future. The workshop is full of games and activities, so participants should be prepared to learn but have fun too.  

This event is usually held on a county-wide level in October but is often scheduled mid-year for new clubs.

Fauquier County 4-H Contest Day features opportunities for youth to compete in Presentations, Public Speaking, Extemporaneous Speech, Fashion Revue, Share-the-Fun Contest (vocal and instrumental only), Table Setting, Science Fair, and Radio & Public Address Contests. This is a great opportunity to test out public speaking skills in a positive and supportive environment. Youth in presentations and public speaking contests choose their own topics and are encouraged to speak about anything that interests them. This event is usually held in early March and more information can be found at:

Project Awards

Leaders of each club may nominate their 4-H’ers for the following awards at the completion of a project. The awards given are:

Certificate of Project Achievement - This award is given to a 4-H’er who has completed the first year of a Project and has achieved their goals for that year. This award is only given once for each Project area completed.

County Medal - This award is given to a 4-H’er who has completed 2 years of that Project and has accomplished their goals. This award is only given once for each project area completed.

Certificate of Continued Project Achievement - This award is given to a 4-H’er who has been in the project for 3 or more years and has accomplished their goals for that year. This award may be given annually.

Top County Awards

There are 5 Top County Awards. They are based on overall 4-H accomplishment and it is a great honor to receive any one of these. To be eligible, youth must turn in a Portfolio and receive an honor award for his/her current age division.

 The categories are:

  • Achievement (Junior and Senior awards)
  • Leadership (Junior and Senior awards)
  • Citizenship (Junior and Senior awards)
  • I Dare You (must be a Senior in high school and have received Achievement, Leadership, and Citizenship Awards)
  • Pinky Horsemanship (all ages are eligible)

Honor Award

4-H’ers (age 9 – 18 as of September 30 of the current year) can apply for an Honor Award by submitting a Virginia 4-H All Stars Application with the following point totals for each age division:

Juniors: 15 points

Intermediates: 25 points

Seniors: 50 points

Honor Award applicants don’t have to fill out the last two pages of the application.  

Awards for Volunteers

Nominations are accepted for these awards each fall and they are presented at the Annual Achievement Awards Night.

Sam Gouldthorpe Sr. Award - The Woodland Farm Perpetual Trophy is given in memory of Sam Gouldthorpe, Sr. Mr. Gouldthorpe was a longtime outstanding dedicated and caring 4-H leader in Fauquier County. This award is used to annually recognize a Fauquier 4-H Club Leader who follows Mr. Gouldthorpe’s example. 

4-H Alumni Award - The Alumni Award is to recognize 4-H Alumni who remain active in giving back to 4-H by working with the youth or supporting the program.

Friend of 4-H Award - The Friend of 4-H Award is to recognize any member of the community who is active in working with 4-H youth or support the 4-H program.


The Show and Sale is an opportunity for 4-H participants to learn about raising livestock including feeding, health maintenance, record keeping, showing, and selling. The profits earned through this program are used to fund future projects as well as future education. 

To further the education of all the exhibitors, carcass contests for each species will be held. Through these contests the participants will be able to judge their individual feed programs as well as their breed selection.

Market steers will be sent to a packer for the carcass contest. Buyers wishing to resell their purchases will be paid on a carcass grade and yield basis by the packer. Local delivery can also be arranged for the carcasses processed at the packer for a small slaughtering/processing fee.